WP Super Security

wp_super_security_diagramsNowadays as the hackers and intruders activity increasing so it becomes necessary to secure our valuable data. WP Super Security (WSS) is a WordPress Plugin which Protect you from such unauthorised access.

WP Super Security Plug in let you know full details about Fail as well as Success login. It will automatically block the user after 3 fail attempt.

Above is System Functionality and flow Diagram of WP Super Security Plugin. It define complete Flow functionality of Plugin. As You can see in above screen User Enter to system from Login form. Along with User intruders and Hackers also try to access the system.

WP Super Plugin function start from this first form itself. Once after user enter Credential and click at “Login” Button. If Credential is correct then it allows user to enter the system else it count Login attempt. If system finds three fail attempt from one IP address then System will block for specific IP address.
Once IP is blocked then Mail sent to Administrator and until it is unblocked by admin that specific IP address not allows to enter the system. If site has multiple admin then other Admin with same rights can unblock specific IP Address.


  • User IP Automatically block after 3 fail login (By Entering Incorrect Credentials)
  • Mail sent Automatically on administrator when activate plugin,deactivate plugin, uninstall plugin, success login, login failed,IP Block,Approve Ip Block….etc
  • After Blocking Specific IP can not be accessed until approved by WordPress admin (403 Permission denied page displayed)
  • Log history for both Success and fail login recorded. Mail also sent to admin and WordPress website manger. If site has multiple admin then other Admin with same rights can unblock specific IP Address.
  • Blocked IP displayed on Black List page and Admin can approve it from mail as well as from same page.
  • All Approved IP displayed on “Block IP Approve” page
  • User can customize mail Settings actions for which they want to mail sent for fail/success login, Logout, IP Block etc.
  • Database Backup (With Manual and Auto backup)
  • Database Prefix can be Change to make it more secured from intruders.
  • General Settings (Manage Link, Navigation, Media, Post, Tags, Themes and many other things)
  • Username and User ID can be altered