Custom Maintenance Mode

Custom Maintenance Mode (CMM) is a WordPress Plugin which allows you to Customize and Enhance under Maintenance area of your website. CMM Plugin available in free as well as in Pro version.  You can easily Create, Customize your webpage which are Under Construction. It provides various interactive and value added features such as

  • Redirect to Specific Page
    If user wants to redirect to specific page when page us under constructions then it automatically redirect to specified page on wordpress page.
  • Custom Redirect
    You can create custom link or default used by count-down page for Under Construction which allow user to Integrate Social Media, Specific IP address, Meta/Title/Description Tag, Logo, Count down Timer and many other features into it. In Free Version Count down time limit remains for One hour and IP address features not available and count-down timer limit complete then user will automatically redirect on their live site and if custom URL set by user (for example: then user have to Uncheck Maintenance Mode “Checkbox” from Admin.
  • IP Address
    IP address Functionality allows user to provide required IP address of System on which they want to give access of Under Maintenance Page.
  • Social Media
    User cans Integrate Social Media such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest sharing in Maintenance Page.
  • Count-Down Timer
    CMM Plugin allows you to provide required time for which user wants to Display Maintenance Page. In Free version Default time limit is one hour and Pro Version you can define required Time Limit.